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Buying estate jewelry is much like a treasure hunt. You can strike it rich, or not. Jewelry buyers who know what they are doing stand a much better chance for digging up great deals.

Challenges of Estate Jewelry Buying

You have to be careful when shopping for estate jewelry. It’s imperative to know about fine jewelry. Some individuals intentionally sell fake fine jewelry and try to pass it off to unsuspecting buyers as genuine treasures.

You will also want to make sure that even if you’re buying from sellers who mean well, there are those who attach sentimental price tags to their jewelry too. As a buyer, you only want to pay a fair price for the monumental value of the piece, not sentimental value unless you too have an attachment, such as if a celebrity once owned the item or it’s from an era that’s important to you.

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Gaging Value of Estate Jewelry

Rarity, condition, era of origin, the worth of the metal, gem, diamond, or other pieces used to construct the jewelry are things to consider when buying estate jewelry. The resale demand and value of the jewelry is important to note as well. You may want to test the validity of what the seller is proclaiming the piece is and you also may want to refer to a manual to check going prices.

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Expert Advice on Buying Estate Jewelry

If you aren’t sure what price is fair for an estate jewelry item, ask an expert. You can arrange to have the piece appraised while the seller is present or you can show a picture to a professional estate jewelry buyer and give a description for an estimated appraisal. Never hesitate to ask someone who has more knowledge and experience than you do in buying jewelry. That’s how you will gain the qualities that will make you an expert eventually as well.

Remember, most estate jewelry buyers love to share information. They are passionate about what they do and feel a bond with others who love treasure hunting too. Never think twice about reaching out to learn all you can.


The Joy of Estate Jewelry Buying

Once you start buying estate jewelry, chances are, you’ll become as obsessed with it as many others are. Hunting for estate gems is exciting. It can be addicting.

As you get to know other jewelry buyers, you’ll swap stories and learn from their mistakes and their successes and they will learn from yours as well. Dig in and learn as much as you can through articles, blogs, and eBooks available online.

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Buying estate jewelry can be complicated. There are many things to take into consideration. Knowing where and when to make a great buy is vital as well. The more you buy, the more you will get the hang of it though. Practice makes perfect when shopping for estate treasures and those priceless finds make the challenges well worth your while.

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