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At, Antique Jewelry Buyers, we are experienced in dealing with estate jewelry. We know that selling your estate jewelry can sometimes be a difficult and confusing process. Estate jewelry usually have a number of different pieces that can be difficult to sort through & selling them individually can be quite laborious. But, the way we work is to identify valuable pieces and help you get the best the value of every piece in the estate. Our professional and reliable staff make it their mission to treat the estate jewelry with utmost care and to guide you through the process of selling your jewelry.

Sell Estate Jewelry To Specialist Buyers

There is a lot to do when you inherit an estate. In addition to dealing with your grief over losing a family member or a friend, there is a lot to sort through and sell. Jewelry can be among the most valuable items in an estate. The estate you are selling may have jewelry that isn’t to your taste or you may treasure the jewelry in an estate but still need to sell it. Either way the first step is to locate estate jewelry buyers who are trusted and knowledgeable. Handling the sale of jewelry from an estate can be a complex process, it requires expertise in order to obtain the highest possible price for your estate jewelry.

Where Can I Sell Estate Jewelry in Florida?

At, Antique Jewelry Buyers we are specialists in buying estate jewelry, with the knowledge and experience to assist you in selling your estate jewelry. The process begins with appraising your jewelry to establish its value. We have trusted, expert appraisers with the knowledge to accurately determine the highest price you can obtain for the jewelry you are selling. They know the value of the gemstones and metals that your jewelry is made of and understand the history behind the manufacture of it, no matter what period it is from.

Factors That Determine the Value of Estate Jewelry

There are a number of factors that determine the value of your jewelry. The historic period it is from can enhance the value, particularly if it is from a significant historical period. The intrinsic value of a piece comes from the materials it is made of, which plays a crucial role in determining the value. The condition that a piece of jewelry is in also helps determine value. A piece of jewelry that is in high demand or sought by collectors will also be worth more. How rare your jewelry is will also determine its value.

Getting Started

The process of selling your estate jewelry begins with you! You want to get the best possible price for your jewelry and we want to help. If you contact us online, we may need you to mail us the jewelry for testing.

We will also need a clear, high resolution picture of the jewelry and a complete description that includes what you know about the provenance of each piece. Also, we will need any previous appraisals of the jewelry. Contact us online or bring your jewelry in to us today.

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