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Established in 1972. We are a recognized leader in Florida & has stores worldwide. Our experts specialize in the buying, selling, and trading of antique and vintage precious items. We are especially interested in buying like rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rare gems, art deco, harry winston, van cleef & arpels, buccellati, cartier, tiffany, old cut diamonds, gubelin, audemars, mikimoto, bulgari, european cut diamonds, rose gold, mourning jewelry, filagree pins, tacori & here….

As highly experienced vintage precious collectibles buyers and appraisers, Accredited BBB Member in good standing with A+ Rating. Our motto is Honesty, Integrity, and Reliability. With +50 years of experience and knowledge, we offer you the best prices for your antique jewelry..

We are your local jewelry buyers & are now also available online. You may visit our shop OR contact us online & let’s get started with the process of selling your antique and vintage products.

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As a registered & fully licensed Antique Jewelry buyers & local jewelry appraisers incorporated in Florida Since 1972, we offer superior service that comes with years of expertise & know-how. Moreover, we offer extremely accurate appraisals that are based on extensive knowledge of jewelry and precious metals. In addition, we unearth more information than just, “what your jewelry is made of…?”, we unravel the history behind your jewelry & other hidden secrets. Our professional and reliable staff make it their mission to treat you and your antique jewelry with utmost care and to guide you through the process of selling your jewelry breezily.

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We are authorized buyers of antique jewelry. We are proud to be your local antique dealers, but if you aren’t local, we can still work with you online. Contact us, to get the best deal for your inherited heirlooms and receive the expected return. You will need to find a local jewelry buyer who is trusted in the industry. You want to go where you will get a good price for your precious items. Feel confident that you are in the hands of the best antique jewelry buyers.

Our organization is well-known for dealing in antique, exquisite, and estate jewelry. Our skilled experts have started a fast and dependable service to present you with the greatest deal in your area or online. Antique jewelry buyers may be on your list of potential purchasers; by picking us, you can be assured that your valuables will be collected by a reputable company.

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