What’s The Difference Between Fine Jewelry And Fashion Jewelry?

When in doubt, accessorize yourself with jewelry and look amazing. Ornaments are always showcased by being timeless & perfect example of retro & modern-chic generation. Moreover, It can never go out of style & will remain popular and allured by people.

Fashion has explored a lot by discovering different styles of jewelry including, fine jewelry and fashion, costume jewelry, antique & vintage & many more in the market. And here, in this article, we will looking towards the difference between fine and fashion jewelry which is very important.

The History of Fine and Fashion Jewelry

The first question arises here that how jewelries were actually made? This pleasant object has rocked the ages many years ago. Making of Jewels has been around about as long as mankind has been.

In fact, the first known precious item was from around 40,000 years ago and was worn by Magnons. The pieces included bracelets and necklaces constructed of teeth, bones, and stones.

The word is taken from the Latin word “jocale” that means “plaything”. It has been a replica of human obsession with things that are not necessities but are meant for pleasure.

Which one is expensive?

While costume jewelry is not as precious in value as fine jewelry. Fashion jewel is often has sentimental value rather than being expensive.

Sometimes, it’s not so cut and dry to distinguish between fashion and fine jewelry though. For example, a turquoise ring that is inlaid in 14kt gold is considered to be fine jewelry. Whereas, an imitation turquoise ring composed with silver or other metal would be fashion jewelry.

Moreover, when authentic pearl in 18kt gold would be fine jewels, while a man-made pearl that is inlaid in plated silver or gold would be fashion jewelry.

What does “gold purity” actually mean when rated 9K, 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K, and 24K gold?

The Main Difference between Fine and Fashion Jewelry


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The main difference between fine and fashion jewelry is the material that is used to make them. While fine jewelry is made with silver, gold, platinum metals, and is embedded with precious stones like diamonds, gems, and pearls.

Fashion jewelry is not appreciated so much for its monetary value as it is for the fun and flair associated with it. Fashion jewelry, also referred to as costume jewelry is made of a large variety of materials, such as bronze, brass, copper, aluminum, base metal, leather, plated metals, and so forth.

Selling Price Difference

Fine jewelry brings a much higher price tag than fashion jewelry does. When selling expensive jewelry, you may often expect to receive between 20% and 50% of the initial purchase price.

But, in terms of fashion, a jewelry buyer will have no interest in buying this item at all and you’ll be forced to resort to selling your fashion jewelry for peanuts if even at all.

Jewelry Selling Price

Who can accurately identify the difference?

Sometimes, it takes an expert to tell the difference between the two as well as describe exact definition of costume jewelry and fine. It’s not unusual for tests to be conducted to confirm if a stone or metal is genuine or not. This testing can be done through appraisal session.

Trust Issues

Trustworthy jewelry dealers

If you are looking to sell your fine or fashion jewelry, or need to find out which yours is – fine or fashion, you’ll want to consult a jewelry buyer you can depend on to shoot you straight. Feel free to reach out to the trustworthy experts at Antique Jewelry Buyers for a dependable appraisal…every time.

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