Antique Jewelry: How to Earn Extra Cash Selling Gold Jewelry Without Getting Scammed Online

With all the cybercrime and rip-offs taking place online, it comes as no surprise to learn that online jewelry buyers are not all honest. Sure, there are online jewelry buyers who are cream of the crop, who conduct business with the utmost of integrity and are as honest as the day is long. Unfortunately, there are those who ruin it for everyone. If you are going to sell antique jewelry online, it’s imperative to know which jewelry buyers and estate jewelry buyers are legit and which are not.

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Identify Honest Jewelry Buyers and Estate Jewelry Buyers

When selling your vintage jewelry, you have a myriad of options available. You can contact individual buyers online or in person, or you can choose a platform to work off of such as eBay. Another alternative you’ll have is to sell fine jewelry individually or as a group. If you have inherited an entire collection, estate jewelry buyers are most likely who you will want to do business with, either online or in person.

If you prefer to do business in person, simply conduct an online search for “estate jewelry buyer near me”. You still have to be careful but doing business face-to-face does eliminate some of the power online jewelry buyers have since you can’t trace their tracks as easily as you can those you find by searching out “estate jewelry buyers near me”.

Characteristics of Honest Online Jewelry Buyers

Reputable online jewelry buyers will have a website and plenty of positive customer reviews. They will be well-established with an online presence of at least a few years. You can also check out the Better Business Bureau to make sure the company has no complaints and if it’s an individual, search their name to see if you find negative comments.

Never do business with anyone who is pushy. Reserve the right to refuse to sell your antique jewelry to anyone. It is your jewelry and you have the option to sell or not sell it. In addition, be sure you never send vintage antique jewelry to a buyer without exchanging money, especially when selling to estate jewelry buyers since you are dealing in bulk products.

How to Spot Online Jewelry Buyers Scam Artists

Online jewelry buyers have an upper edge because you can’t prove where they are doing business from. Furthermore, online policing is not adequate and sometimes nonexistent. It is up to you to do your homework to ensure you don’t get ripped off but, you can also learn from others who have gone before you. Read up on the individual seller or business. Ask questions and contact them before sealing the deal.

When selling on a platform online, you’ll be somewhat protected as buyers are given reviews and the third party will stand good for the buyer to some extent. Know the rules and the risks. Don’t let go of anything until you have the cash in your account.

If you are looking for an “estate jewelry buyer near me”, remember that you take a higher risk because you are selling in volume. Check credentials, verify references, and get a feel for the individual or business.

One of the most important things to remember is that you should always trust your intuition. If you note red flags flying up, end the communication and don’t do business with the online antique buyer. Only stick your neck out as far as you can afford to.

Ready, Set, Sell

With all the information above, you should be more aware of how to choose reputable antique buyers who can help you navigate your way to making big bucks selling your antique jewelry.