How to discover interesting facts about your art deco jewelry?

Uncover important information about your art deco rings through the best jewelry appraisal

Have you inherited art nouveau jewelry in your store room? Are you willing to know what historical story this 1920s-1930s piece of art holds? Or do you want to know what the piece is made up of? Then, it’s time to contact an antique jewelry appraiser online or nearby your area who is authorized and licensed in their profession. Moreover, you can also see the real worth of the vintage piece and realize that you’ve found something very precious.


Below, I’ve mentioned what details you’ll gather through an estimation session. Scroll down to learn more about the history of vintage jazz-age style jewelry.

What elements your vintage art deco jewelry consist?

Understanding what elements are used in the making of your pre-owned jazz-style engagement ring is the first thing your appraiser will inform you about. After reviewing what metal or gems are used in the carving of a ring, you’ll find something rare that has a sky-high price in the market of antique trading. Furthermore, art deco style ornaments are made with the below-mentioned elements, metals, and techniques. That’s why, they have great demand in today’s modern era.

White metals (white gold, platinum, sterling silver, silver-plated, nickel silver, and other white base metals)

  1. Geometric Patterns and Shapes
  2. Filigree (aa type of intricate craftsmanship performed in jewelry by twisting thin wires into shapes)
  3. Colorful Gemstones
  4. Enamel

What is the historical provenance and origin of your retro-style enamel jewel?

In an antique jewelry appraisal session, the next thing you’ll find is the history of the creation of the ring. In this part, he/she will inform you when the piece was created and at what place, i.e., its origin. Moreover, history can be identified by the registration marks, weight, metal, and element carvings.

What is the condition of your 1920s–30s era gemstone ornament?

In this part, you’ll be informed about the state of the piece, i.e. what is the condition? Is there any minor or major damage, or just a scratch? This things are looked after to let you know as per the condition, what will be the real worth of the item.

Is your art nouveau style earring real or fake?

The evaluator will detail you about the originality of earrings metal used is fake or real by looking after the hallmarks, jeweler maker marks or the label. And for the stones, it is checked through magnifying glass to confirm its color concentration and unusual opacity.

Where can I find the best antique jewelry appraisal?

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