What to do with your Antique jewelry when Not in Use?

“Jewelry is a way of keeping memories alive.” Many people store their old jewelry to remind themselves of the moments that are dear to their hearts. In such a case, jewelries are kept for a longer time, which can lose their intricacy soon. Then, what to do in such a situation? There are many useful options you can consider.

What to do with your Antique jewelry when Not in Use?

When we had a conversation with a local jewelry buyer, he informed us that many people come with their inherited, unused, or oldest necklace or ring and ask what to do with them. Here is a little advice which made us think to implement it once, and for sure, it might be helpful for you as well. Let’s read it out…

Learn from the local jewelry buyers what you can do with your old jewels.

Whenever we find something unused or old, we try to throw it out or hand it over to someone who actually needs it. But throwing it out? Of course, we can not take this chance with ornaments because they are precious and the best ever creation of human life. Then what are the other options? No worries, we’ve found the answer from a fine jewelry buyer.

* Give it to a loved one who admires it.

Everyone loves making their loved ones happy and cherished, so why not start with something they admire? A silver bracelet, which you find old and unused, but your sister or a friend loves it. You can gift it to your loved one and make them feel grateful and happy.

* Have a jeweler/gemologist redesign it based on your preferences.

If you find your necklace very old-fashioned or damaged, Then, you can give it to a jewelry store near you and get it redesigned in the form of a newly fashioned necklace, bracelet, ring, or other kind of ornament. You can wear it with your favorite outfit whenever you want. Redesigned gold jewelry comes to life and appears to be more delicate and intrinsic.

* Sell your old jewelry for instant cash.

The next thing you can do is to sell to a fine jewelry buyer who is authorized and trusted. A jewelry dealer can offer you the best price for your item. These buyers appraise the item and make you learn about its condition, history, and real worth. When you sell your silver jewelry and get information and instant cash from the buyers right at the time, Now, it’s upon you what you want to do with that cash. Buy a new one or whatever you want.

Where can you sell your antique jewelry?

  • Antique jewelry dealer
  • pawn shops
  • Auction houses
  • Sell it online (eBay or Etsy).

Is it beneficial to pawn jewelry or sell it?

Pawn shops can provide you with instant cash. But spending just a little time and waiting for the process to be completed will get you more money for your ancient jewelry when sold to antique jewelry buyers near your area.

*Store it in a safe jewel box.

If you’re against selling your antique jewelry, then you can keep it in a jewelry box and show it to your children and loved ones to make them aware of your old times and memories attached to the ring or earring. If your jewel is from many years ago, you can get it appraised and get knowledge of when it was created, who was the creator, its condition, and its real worth. So that you can tell your children what value it holds and how intrinsic it is.


Explore all your interests and find which option would be better way to get rid of inherited, old and unused jewelry for the better result.