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How and where to sell jewelry, without getting scammed?

We all look to make a little extra money these days. So many of us have to work a side hustle of one kind or another to pay the bills. It’s always smart to look for ways to cash-in. “One way to make extra money is to sell your old, unwanted, and unworn jewelry. How […]

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What’s the Difference between Fine Jewelry and Fashion Jewelry?

When in doubt, give jewelry. It always fits! Jewelry is timeless. It never goes out of style. But, there are different styles of jewelry, like fine jewelry and fashion jewelry too. Knowing the difference is important. The History of Fine and Fashion Jewelry Jewelry has rocked the ages even back when a rock was really…a […]

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Estate Jewelry Buying: What you Should Know When Selling Inherited Jewelry and Gold

Buying estate jewelry is much like a treasure hunt. You can strike it rich, or not. Jewelry buyers who know what they are doing stand a much better chance for digging up great deals. Challenges of Estate Jewelry Buying You have to be careful when shopping for estate jewelry. It’s imperative to know about fine […]

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