Where to Sell Fine Jewelry: Best Places to Get the Most Buck for your Bang

When you’re ready to sell your fine jewelry, you’ll want to find the best fine jewelry buyers who will pay you the most money. You’ll also want to be sure your experience with the online or local jewelry buyers is a pleasant and successful one. Find the best places to sell by following the suggestions below.

How Fine Jewelry Prices are Figured

When appraising fine jewelry to make you an offer, the buyer will take certain criteria into consideration. They will determine what your jewelry consists of such as gold, silver, diamonds, and so forth. They will also consider the age of the jewelry and any story behind it. The condition of the piece is also important.

Several things you can do to help ensure you get the most out of your exchange is to make sure your jewelry is clean. Also dig into the history of it, if possible. Did it once belong to a President’s wife or a queen? Is it from the Civil War era? Whatever you can find out and verify about your jewelry is helpful.

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You’ll also want to have a good idea of what your jewelry is worth. Do research online. Talk to others who know jewelry. Most importantly, take your jewelry to more than one silver jewelry buyers or fine jewelry buyers so you can compare the offers.

Options in Finding Fine Jewelry Buyers

You will have many options when looking for silver jewelry buyers and fine jewelry buyers like local jewelry buyers such as jewelry stores, local antique buyers, pawn shops. Online options include selling your piece to an individual or company that specializes in buyer or you can sell on eBay or another platform.

If you are in a hurry to sell, be extra cautious. There are imposters lurking who pretend to be reputable fine jewelry buyers. Take your time, even if you are in a rush or the deal could go bad. Some options of places to sell are naturally quicker than others. Selling in person can typically be done in one setting so once you get an appointment to meet or walk in (if allowed), you are likely to be able to sell immediately. Ideally, you’ll be able to quickly meet with two buyers though because getting at least two offers is optimal.

Local Jewelry Buyers

There are benefits to selling to local jewelry buyers. Since you are dealing with the buyers in person, there’s less risk you’ll get ripped off. In addition, often times you get more for your merchandise with fine jewelry buyers or silver jewelry buyers when you are face-to-face with them.

To find local jewelry buyers, conduct an online search for “antique jewelry buyers near me.” Narrow the results down by reading their ads. Sift out those that are fine jewelry buyers and then go even further by seeing what they specialize in – gold, silver, antiques, etc. Once you’ve gotten a few of your favorites lined out, check their reviews and feedback and also see how long they’ve been in business. Make sure they have an online presence and ask fellow jewelry selling enthusiasts if they have heard of them.

The Joy of Selling Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry buyers should have credentials to readily show you when you are doing business with them. They should also treat you with the utmost respect. You should never feel pressured to sell.

Once you’ve found a fine jewelry buyer you are comfortable with, you can feel good about selling your treasure. And, who knows…if the experience is a good one, maybe you’ll want to sell even more someday.